Guest Book Albums

Guest Book Albums

Price for an 8 Page 10×10 Guest Book is $135.00, and $10.00 for each additional page.
Price includes the Cover, and Assembly.

Guest Books with the Feel of Custom Wedding Photo Albums

This modern yet simple guest book is a great way for the couples to show off their engagement photos while collecting notes from all the arriving guests.

The book uses a heavy wire binder, and you can have a black or photo cover cover.

No longer are guest books something that’s stored away. With Servisphotographics, guest books take on the feeling of a personalized wedding photo album that couples will be glad to share with family and friends.

Cover show below is only available with our 6×6 guest books. You can get a fabric cover on all Guest books that are 20 pages and more. A 20 Page album is $140.00!
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