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I Just got my pictures this weekend and I love them! The albums are gorgeous and the gallery wrap is amazing, I could not wait to get it on my wall! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I couldn't be happier. Lexi

I love shooting weddings. I find every wedding I have the honor to be a part of to be special and a very powerful
event in the couple’s lives, as well as the families. I work hard at every wedding but I find the work inspiring and energizing. I like to capture the heart and soul of a wedding so the images that I take are typically not traditional nor do they follow a rigid and structured style. If you wanted a traditional photographer I may not be the right choice for you, although I do mix some classic poses in my photography, I want everyone to feel real good about the photography and about me on the wedding. I don’t think that is possible with rigid and traditional poses.”



  1. Your pictures will not be boring, predictable or stale. The samples we show you is the style you can expect from your wedding day photography.
  2. You will have fun. Taking pictures will not be torture or the equivalent of sitting through a two-hour root canal.
  3. You will receive a mix of candid, photojournalistic and classic stylings. Our unique approach to wedding photography we call “free-style”.
  4. You will get our 100% attention to detail. We go the extra mile. Your wedding is important to us.
  5. We will be friendly, courteous, well-dressed and on time.
  6. Your wedding day is unique. We will endeavor all our skills and creativity to capture the “essence” of your day.

The images we create for you on your wedding day are priceless and will last a lifetime.


Some useful tips to help make your wedding day perfect


  • Family portraits on the wedding day are very important.  We will photograph parents, grandparents and families typically following the ceremony. This should take no more than 20 minutes to ensure enough time for the bridal party photos and the bride and groom photos.  These people should be well informed of the time and place for these photos.  They need to be ready to go, so these pictures don’t take time away from the wedding party shots.
  • Book your favorite services as soon as possible…(photographer, hall, church etc…)
  • Hair and makeup appointments for the bridal party tend to take more time than is scheduled.  This creates a stressful situation and causes the bride to be later to the wedding than intended, thus interfering with the pre-wedding photo shots.  Schedule an extra hour for these events and make sure your entire wedding party is there on time.
  • Use a bouquet that is sized properly and not too heavy. Remember you’ll be carrying it around most of the day and it is the biggest complaint we hear from brides.

    Bridgeton Mill Couple

    Thank you! Thank you!!! I love the album! I appreciate everything. It looks fantastic! Cary

  • When choosing a dress try walking around in it.
  • Allow enough time considering locations, time for photograph and drive times.
  • If you see a particular image you like, show your photographer.
  • You will need to make a decision on whether you are going to see each other before the wedding or not.  If you plan to see each other first, the formal wedding shots can be taken before the ceremony, saving time between the wedding and reception, but if you decide not to see each, which is what most couples choose, you must remember to allow time between the wedding and reception for pictures.  Talking about this early will help you plan the day accordingly.
  • Bring a snack, water or juice for a quick pick me up.

These are tips we’ve learned from experience, use what works for you.

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